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I'm Presenting and WIN-DEV in October!

I just found out that Mike Woodring has selected two of my session proposals&nbsp_place_holder;for the CLR/C# track at WIN-DEV in Boston. If you don’t know what WIN-DEV is…

“Win-Dev Fall 2004 is focused on preparing you for the unprecedented transition in the Windows development platform brought about by .NET.”

My two talks are:

C12 - Refactoring Support in the Whidbey IDE
Thursday Oct 28 3:15pm - 4:45pm
Effective refactoring is one of the most powerful tools a developer can use to create well-structured, loosely-coupled code. The next version of Visual Studio .NET (codenamed “Whidbey”) will contain a host of new refactoring tools to make this job easier than ever before. This session will explore those tools and demonstrate how they can make you a mode effective developer.

C16 - Effective Unit Testing in C#
Friday Oct 29 3:15pm - 4:45pm
Almost everyone has heard of Unit Testing, but very few people actually do it well. This session will explore the common pitfalls associated with unit testing and provide some tools and techniques to help you create better tests for your code.

Here is the CLR/C# track schedule.

Should be a blast! If you aren’t yet registered for WIN-DEV, you can do so here. Hope to see you there!