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P&p Live Webcast: Lessons Learned From the Warroom

We all totally forgot to blog about this before it happened, but we can at least point you to the recorded version of the talk. Here’s the abstract:

Join this patterns & practices webcast with the Enterprise Library development team to learn about their experiences doing agile development in a collaborative forum. Experts will share lessons learned, what works best, and what not to do. Hear how patterns & practices distributed teams work with contributors all over the world and the techniques they found most effective for staying together as an agile team.

Brad Wilson, Brian Button, Darrell Snow and I got together and gave an “agile talk on agility” where even though we had a slide deck of candidate topics, we bounced around instead, answering questions from the audience. It was a very fun talk for us to give and hopefully it was valuable to our audience.

You can download the WMV of this talk here.