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New Unit Testing Features in Orcas

A while back Naysawn Naderi has posted a series of write-ups of the upcoming features in Visual Studio Orcas (that I forgot to blog about) that are specifically to address the needs of TDD and developer-oriented testing. I was on the committee of people who helped advise their work in this area and while there is still a lot of work to do, they are doing some good stuff that should help:

  1. Better Execution Times
  2. Run Tests Context Menus
  3. Short cut keys to run tests (WOOT!)
  4. Disable the “test deployment” icki-ness
  5. Support for the Abstract Test Pattern via Test inheritance (boo!)
  6. Click thru to the point of failure

Yes, we all know these things should have been there in V1, but they weren’t. And now we’re trying to make it better.

Grats to Naysawn and team for helping move the ball along.

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