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TechEd Online – Visual Studio Team System Panel – Meet the Team

At TechEd last month I was part of a VSTS panel called “Meet the Team” with Brian Harry, Normal Guadagno, Gert Drapers, Habib Heydarian and Neelesh Kamkolkar. It was a fun talk (I arrived seconds late and ran on stage after it started–hence that empty leftmost seat in the picture) and we cover a lot of VSTS Rosario material in a short time.

Here are the links for your viewing pleasure:

  • Windows Media - High [http://microsofttech.fr.edgesuite.net/TechEdOnline/Videos/08NA_Dev_TEOPanel10high.wmv](http://microsofttech.fr.edgesuite.net/TechEdOnline/Videos/08_NA_Dev_TEOPanel10_high.wmv)
  • Windows Media - Low [http://microsofttech.fr.edgesuite.net/TechEdOnline/Videos/08NA_Dev_TEOPanel10low.wmv](http://microsofttech.fr.edgesuite.net/TechEdOnline/Videos/08_NA_Dev_TEOPanel10_low.wmv)
  • MP4 [http://microsofttech.fr.edgesuite.net/TechEdOnline/Videos/08NA_Dev_TEOPanel10high.mp4](http://microsofttech.fr.edgesuite.net/TechEdOnline/Videos/08_NA_Dev_TEOPanel10_high.mp4)

(I think I mentioned this once before, but I’m not sure I linked to the videos.)