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TechEd Europe 2010 Recordings and Downloads

Just before Thanksgiving I was in Berlin, Germany for TechEd Europe 2010. Have I ever mentioned how much I love this conference? I think I need to move to northern Europe for a few years.

Anyway, they recorded all the breakout sessions and I know some people have been asking for the content. Here are the talks I was involved in that have recordings:

Agile Development with Visual Studio 2010 and TFS 2010


This was a talk Aaron Bjork and I did together to show how a scrum team can use VS + TFS + Extensions to get a very nice, end-to-end experience for the whole team. This talk was very well received by the audience and provoked a lot of great follow-on conversations.

The best feedback quote of the conference came from this talk, and was in regard to me and Aaron riffing off each other:

Really like the two Ronnies effect, and the demos were awesome.

I didn’t know who the Two Ronnies were so I dug up this YouTube clip:

Architecture Discovery with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate


This talk was a review of the VS2010 features that enable architecture discovery of existing code systems. I reviewed a bunch of great features, notably DGML Graphs and the Architecture Explorer, Layer Diagrams, and Reverse Engineering. We also reviewed the Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack and how it adds to this story.

Visualization and Modeling in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate


In this talk I took a different view of the Modeling tools in VS2010, focusing on the top-down modeling-first perspective. I want to thank Christof Sprenger for the great bit he did on the P&P Feature Builder tool, which uses the modeling capabilities and extensibility in VS2010 to create a whole new way to write VS extensions.

Agile Talk on Agility

Aaron Bjork and I also did a pair of interactive talks that weren’t recorded but I have to mention. I’ve been doing this talk for years, but I have to give credit to Brian Button who originally pioneered this idea. The gist is this… run as many 10-minute iterations/sprints as you can where each sprint’s goal is to answer questions provided by the audience. Have the audience stack rank the list (typically by applause), and get to work! These talks are amazingly fun, and people always enjoy them. I just wish there were recordings.

I want to thank Aaron for his amazing involvement in these two sessions. His knowledge and engagement on the PM side of things is great. Hopefully he and I can do it again next year. I also want to thank Mitch Lacey for being a guest star in the repeat session. Always high-energy, it is fun to work with Mitch on stage.