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OneNote Complaints


So I’m out here at the MTC in Silicon Valley and I’m using OneNote instead of Word to capture my outlines and notes. I have a number of complaints.

Why doesn’t OneNote use the same keyboard shortcuts as the rest of Office (particularly Word)? For example, I use these keystrokes in Word:

  • CTRL+SHIFT+L - Convert to Bulleted List
  • CTRL+SHIFT+N - Convert to Normal Text
  • SHIFT+F3 - Cycle capitalization (lower, title, all caps)

Update: CTRL+SHIFT+L works as expected, but CTRL+SHIFT+N creates a new page. Oh well…


Why are the keyboard shortcuts incomplete? For the life of me, I can’t seem to find a shortcut for toggling a single outline level. I can double-click on the little icon to do it, but I want a keystroke dammit!

So then decided to map some of my own keyboard shortcuts. Know what? You can’t. You get the ones they’ve given you and that’s it.

And why does it use some screwy binary file format? Why can’t I save as OPML?

In general, I would say I like the product, but it is obviously a version 1 product. The rest of Office has tons of customization features that let me adjust everything I want. OneNote assumes I am a mouse user and has completely omitted the features that a keyboard guy needs to really get work done.