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CAB: Migrating From June CTP to October CTP

Members of the CAB team have started posting about specific things you will want to know if you are migrating&nbsp_place_holder;your code from the June 30 CAB CTP to the new October 2005 CTP that we released on Friday. Here’s a list of what’s up there so far. I’ll come back and update this page when anyone posts any other useful migration information, so keep checking back.

Brad Wilson:

  • The Big Changes to WorkItem&nbsp_place_holder;- WorkItem was basically re-writtenΓǪ here’s a stab at the most important changes to the surface API.
  • Goodbye, Application Host!&nbsp_place_holder;- It’s official. No more application host. Here’s why and what we now have instead.
  • CabApplication and Family&nbsp_place_holder;- CAB now has a framework of application classes that you use to get your CAB application booted up
  • Development Tools&nbsp_place_holder;- A brief explanation of the different versions of VS, NUnit, etc. that work with each release

Ed Jezierski:

  • WorkItem Extensions&nbsp_place_holder;- Ed talks about how to extend someone else’s WorkItem with the new WorkItemExtension stuff.

John Luif

Peter Provost