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Slides and Code From Code Camp

Yesterday at Seattle Code Camp, I did four presentations, two with Brad Wilson and two by myself. During our talks, we promised to share the slides and code from our demos, so here you go.

  • Monad - The New Microsoft Command Shell
  • Dependency Injection - What, Why and How
    • Powerpoint&nbsp_place_holder;(58 KB)
    • Sorry, but the code from this one isn’t available.
  • TDD GUI Using MVP (and the pair programming game)
  • Composite User Interface Application Block

I have lots of thank-yous that I want to share. Many thanks to the attendees. The talks were a lot of fun and I love it when the attendees involve themselves and ask lots of questions. Thanks to Ed Jezierski for providing some of the slides I used in the CAB talk and thanks to Adam Barr for sharing his Monad slides with me. Thanks to Chris Kinsman and Jason Mauer for putting on a great event. Finally thanks again to Brad for being a great co-presenter.