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CAB: There Will Be a Slight Delay Until Takeoff

Eugenio Pace, the Product Manager for the _patterns & practices _Smart Client Program, has just updated the Roadmap for CAB:

It happens sometimes. Everything seems to be tracking well for a deadline and at the last minute something occurs. We had planned to release CAB today, but thorough testing is yet to be completed. We at patterns & practices are fully committed to delivering top notch quality assets.

As many of you already know, the team is working on several other things besides the block itself: a Visual Basic .NET version, training content, documentation, and so on. One of the things that happened, is that some of the usage scenarios brought by Visual Basic .NET, required us to change a few internal implementations, and therefore, we have to fully regression test the block, a process that unfortunately takes time. For example, some of these tests include long-haul, multi-day tests to make sure there are no resource leaks, deadlocks, or anything along those lines.

We apologize to our user community for this delay. We know all of you are anxious to get the released version of CAB, but again, we want CAB to be the best guidance offering for developing smart clients on .NET.

We’re all very sorry about this delay, but it is only for a few days and is only being done to ensure a top notch deliverable for you, our customers.

To see the updated schedule, see Eugenio’s post on our Code Gallery Site.