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Infragistics NetAdvantage CAB Extensibility Kit

This is very cool. This was posted to the CAB message board today.

Today Infragistics released NetAdvantage 2006 vol 1. Here is an excerpt from the Help file:

As part of the NetAdvantage 2006 Volume 1 release, we are offering the NetAdvantage CAB Extensibility KitΓäó. This product is an add-on to the NetAdvantage Windows Forms (CLR 2.0) product, extending the NetAdvantage Windows Forms product to provide seamless interoperation with the CAB framework. This add-on gives development teams the power to develop sophisticated smart client applications using the controls and components in the NetAdvantage Windows Forms toolset. The kit also allows development teams to provide rich, fine-grained appearances and behaviors to enterprise-class applications using predefined looks and feels, presets, and appearance settings.

The NetAdvantage CAB Extensibility Kit installs a NetAdvantage CompositeUI source-code solution and a quick start solution (ported from Microsoft) that utilizes NetAdvantage controls/components – the key items to get your CAB application seamlessly integrated with the NetAdvantage Windows Forms (CLR 2.0) product.

Those who are interested, go and get it!

We are very excited about this offering. If you are using CAB today, check out what they’ve done.

(I don’t see anything on their home page yet, but it may be in there somewhere.)