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Code Camp 2.0 Talk: How I Pwn3d the World of Warcraft UI With Lua

Today Brad Wilson and I presented this talk at Seattle Code Camp 2.0. Here is the session description for those of you who didn’t make it:

World of Warcraft is arguably the most successful massively multiplayer game in history. Millions of players from hundreds of countries all playing together to kill monsters and each other. What could be more fun? Well, for many geeks one thing that is more fun is taking advantage of the very extensible nature of the user-interface by writing addons and extensions in a programming language called Lua. Join Brad and Peter for this fun session where you will learn how to bend the WoW UI to your will. (We promise to leave some time at the end for a little game-time demos and Q&A.)

As promised, here are a number of links to the information we discussed today. I hope you enjoyed the talk as much as we enjoyed giving it.

Lua Information

World of Warcraft API Information

WowAce Libraries Information