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Silly Vista Features I Want

I enjoy Windows Vista. I really do. But I’m also a keyboard junkie (despite being a poor typer). For years I’ve found myself wanting to cut people’s mouse cords when I see them doing things that could be 100x faster by hitting the right keystroke.

As a Vista + Keyboard guy, however, I find that I want a few things that aren’t there.

Quick Launch Shortcut Overlays

I love the Quick Launch bar. Why? Because I love that WIN+# runs the program in that numbered “slot” in the bar. So, WIN+1 runs the first, WIN+2 the second, and so on.

But after about three or four buttons on that bar, I have to count them to see which number to press, which sucks. I’d like nice little overlays that show the number. Something like this:


Ahh… much better.

Address Bar Shortcut Keys

I’ve seen a lot of people who know about putting the address bar on their Windows Task Bar. It is nice, you can quickly type or paste a URL or local file address and it will popup an IE or Explorer window showing that address. Kinda cool, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get the cursor there without reaching over for my mouse.


UPDATE: As I was writing this post, I realized that in Vista I don’t need this feature, or even that address bar on my screen. I can just hit the Windows key and start typing and it will do exactly what I wanted. DUH! I knew that! But still… why can’t I get there with a simple shortcut key?

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