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Tabs in Vim - How Did I Miss This?

Yesterday John Lam did a keynote for the P&P Summit where he talked about the DLR, Ruby, Dynamic Languages and all that goodness. John is a smart, fun, engaging speaker and it was a great talk.

At the end of it I found myself wanting to run up on stage with everyone else to ask my question. But I decided against it. Because my question was WAAAAY off topic.

“How did you get those Tabs in your GVim widow???”

I figured with a bit of Googling I could find the answer and I did. It turns out that since Vim 7.0, there have been tabs you just don’t see them unless you ask for them.

Rather than rehash all the details, I’ll just point you to this excellent article on linux.com by Joe ‘Zonker’ Brockmeier:


Happy vimming! :)