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New Gaming PC Build-out – the Order

[![Antec900](/images/blog/WindowsLiveWriter/NewGamingPCBuildoutTheOrder/48A48C17/Antec900thumb.jpg)](/images/blog/WindowsLiveWriter/NewGamingPCBuildoutTheOrder/1EA48DEF/Antec900.jpg) I’ve been a gamer for a few years now, mostly playing World of Warcraft but also occasionally spending time on other games. I’ve never actually owned a good gaming machine, however. I’ve always played on a laptop, mostly using and external monitor, keyboard and mouse.

For a few months I’ve been considering building out a new machine from scratch. It was a bit intimidating given how long it has been since I’ve played in this space, but with the help of a few friends who know this stuff, I think I picked out a pretty good setup.

I went off to NewEgg.com and started picking parts. They’ve got lots of combo deals, reviews and spec information so they really are a great place to do this from. I also used Tom’s Hardware Guide to compare important things like CPUs and Video chipsets.

When I finally clicked BUY last night, here’s what I had decided on:

I would have liked to get a 10,000 rpm drive but I got a sweet deal on a CPU/HDD/Mobo bundle and went with it for now. I’ll also probably add 4GB RAM later to bring it up to 8GB total.

Also, I’m not really one for the glowy blue case thing, but the airflow on that case and the great reviews it gets sold me.

We’ll see… I’ll post more once I start putting it together.