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Return of Game of Thrones

How psyched was I when a few weeks ago my wife Emily decided to start watching Game of Thrones (which I had kept on our media server hoping this would happen). You see, I’ve read all of the books and thoroughly enjoyed the HBO adaptation of Book 1. But she’s not historically been a huge fan of sci-fi or fantasy stuff.

But when she came to me and said, “Honey I can’t stop watching it,” I knew she was hooked and I’d have someone to watch Season 2 with. She also has had a thing for Peter Dinklage since The Station Agent, so that helps a bit. Ned getting killed at the end of Season one sent her for a bit of a loop, but she’s just gonna have to get used to George R. R. Martin killing off characters.

So now each week we sit together and enjoy the carnage that is this world. The season is going well so far. It seems to be following the book reasonably well, and of course they’re working in all the new characters we’ll need for this book’s storyline. I don’t want to give anything away, but it should be quite interesting to see how they handle some of the things to come.